Larrikins (Staff)

Stuart Cox

Stuart "Coxy" Cox

The founder and creative juggernaut behind Overcoming the adversities of being a manchild, Stuart has formed a crack team of contributors to help spread the word of what’s underrated.

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willowPaul "Willow" Wilson

Despite suffering the same affliction as 80s child-star "Webster", The Willow is the funniest person to ever be born in South Africa (just don't mention the cricket). Often dragged into uncomfortable situations (see Episodes) in front of camera and into bars full of sausage by this site's founder, Paul  wits that cut like a razor. I wonder how long it'll take before he realises which picture I've put up? Mwahahahaharrrrggggg........

rickthumbRick Pearce

Yet to find a suitably juvenile nickname to go along with his fellow Larrikins, the "Pearcepective" one is the skills man with all your knobs and dials. Our New Media Producer is the reason our productions look so damn tasty on bare-bones budgets. Like one-third of Australian residents, he cheers for the All-Blacks at all the wrong times.

Chris "Mr" Pink

Mr Pink was a bad name to have for sixteen years – the only thing worse
would have been a name rhyming with ‘shunt’ – then, suddenly, the boys
stopped taking the piss and all the girls wanted to marry him. Chris is now
a freelance writer and artist (though still somehow un-married), but before
he figured out that sitting in a room and typing all alone was the way to
go, he spent his time beating the crap out of himself riding his BMX.

"Abigail Ann Cruz

1. Likes listing.
2. Shy and laconic at first sight.
3. Opinionated, blunt, personal and against the majority on paper.
4. Inspired by handsome strangers, grandparents, insomnia, skim mochas and 80’s teen movies.
5. Is underrated and wouldn’t have it any other way.